Robibero Wine Menu


Robibero Family Vineyards is a winery located in New Paltz, NY.

Robibero Family Vineyards wanted a new, updated menu design to feature a list of new wines for their tasting bar. The current menu design was a simple black text on white paper and they felt they needed a menu that incorporated color, style, and supported the overall Robibero Winery brand.

Agency: Freelance
Client: Robibero Winery


I started off with custom lettering inspired by Robibero’s “R” logo. I thought it would be interesting to play with script lettering for the type of wines: Whites and Reds.

wine labels

I liked this approach, but later felt it was best to keep the menu simple. I wanted to add textures, so I experimented with wine glass stains on stains-01

After deciding on a few wine glass stains, I played around with the placement and cropping on the 4.25 x 11 inch size sheet.playwine-01I added the logo, wood and paper textures, and typeset the list of wines: names, descriptions, and prices. The typefaces used are Bebas (commonly used on the wine labels at Robibero) and Source Serif Pro. The final result was a doubled sided half sheet.